Travel Vaccines

If you are going on holiday you may need travel vaccinations before you go. Complete the travel questionnaire below providing as many details as possible and our practice nurses will review your questionnaire and advise if any vaccinations are required. Please contact the surgery 2 days after submitting your form.

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    Planned Activities

    Personal Medical History

    Do you have any recent or past medical history of note? (including diabetes, heart or lung conditions)

    List any current or repeat medications

    Do you have any allergies for example to eggs, antibiotics, nuts?

    Have you ever had a serious reaction to a vaccine given to you before?

    Does having an injection make you feel faint?

    Do you or any close family members have epilepsy?

    Do you have any history or mental illness including depression or anxiety?

    Have you recently undergone radiotherapy, chemotherapy or steroid treatment?

    Women only: Are you pregnant or planning pregnancy or breast feeding?

    Have you taken out travel insurance and if you have a medical condition, informed the insurance company about this?

    Please write below any further information which may be relevant;

    Vaccination history

    Have you ever had any of the following vaccinations / malaria tablets and if so when?


    For discussion when risk assessment is performed within your appointment:
    I have no reason to think that I might be pregnant. I have received information on the risks and benefi ts of the vaccines recommended and have had the opportunity to ask questions. I consent to the vaccines being given.

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